Choose Crafers Engineering to clean your melters, tanks and equipment. You can be assured of a quick turnaround, a job that is done right the first time. Plus you can rest easy with the knowledge that we reassemble to manufacturer’s standards.

Crafers Engineering use state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaning technology to remove all hardened glue, returning your melters and tanks to ‘as new’ condition. You will be surprised at the outstanding result we can achieve without the use of harsh chemicals.

Most importantly, our melters are cleaned and reassembled to manufacturer’s standards and procedures, under specific torques and testing of pressures and clearances. Everything is thoroughly tested before it is returned to you, ensuring all problems have been resolved and that no new issues have arisen during the cleaning process.

  • Total hot melt unit clean, refurbished and re-built to  OEM standards
  • Cleaning and replacing of old or worn parts, and reassemble units into new like condition
  • All units are flushed, hydraulically and electrically tested for quality assurance


Our independence allows us to offer onsite services on most major brands of melters, hot melt guns and hoses. We can visit your work site to undertake scheduled maintenance or assist in the event of a breakdown no matter where you are located in Australia or New Zealand.


Crafers unique cleaning process allows us to internally clean your hot adhesive hoses of glue and char. Internal cleaning is achieved by a purpose built machine in which the hose passes through 6 cleaning processes. The serviced hose is checked for flow rate and retested on the Unit Hose and Gun Tester (UHGT) prior to dispatch.

Our method of cleaning heats the hose to 180 deg C. While the hose is heating the RTD, the heating element is tested using the purpose built UHGT. We provide a printed analysis of the hose performance in graph format for customer records.

  • A combination of heated pressurised cleaning fluid and reciprocating flushing action, dissolves the most stubborn of blockages   
  • Internal and External hose cleaning, restores hoses to a new like condition
  • Electrically fault tested and performance graphed


All components undergo strict Crafers testing procedures before being released from our workshops.


A poorly functioning gun means a poorly functioning production line. Crafers Engineering is an industry leader when it comes to cleaning and testing hot adhesive guns. We have the capability to clean guns of all sizes, thoroughly testing each gun on our purpose built machine before returning it to you. We simulate the gun’s working environment at the manufacturer’s specified heat and pressure, confirming it will run efficiently once reinstated on your production line.

With our expert knowledge in hot adhesive applications and machining capabilities, we are capable to custom build hot adhesive guns to your specifications or designed to optimize your adhesive application systems. Old adhesive guns can be redesigned and configured with a new compact build and assembled with all new upgraded parts. With our new custom build design process, inquire now to receive a custom gun assemble sheet depicting CAD models and specs of your desired  gun build.

  • Cleaning and repairing of used adhesive guns
  • Phasing old low performing adhesive guns with new compact,  long-lasting  and optimized guns
  • Custom bulid adhesive guns to your specifications or operating requirements
  • All Crafers adhesive guns are electronically and hydraulically tested


Providing efficient and effective hot adhesive  operation and application.


Clean your nozzles – don’t discard them – and think of the benefits to the environment and to your bottom line. Despite what you’ve heard, and thanks to Crafers Engineering, it is possible to return your nozzles to ‘as new’ condition just by cleaning them. To our knowledge, we’re the only company to offer a nozzle cleaning service.

Our ultrasonic cleaning process removes all hardened glue without harsh chemicals. We then test the cleaned nozzle on a purpose built machine by simulating its use in a high demand production line environment. This ensures its performance is nothing less than 100 per cent. The nozzle is then labelled and returned to you – usually overnight.

  • Quick and easy process, and it’s very cost effective.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning process removes all hardened glue
  • All cleaned nozzles are tested under high simulated operating conditions


We also have an extensive range of spare parts available in our parts division compatible to Nordson parts and units.


Crafers Engineering support their maintenance and service capabilities with a full range of spare parts and accessories. If you require particular parts for your hot-melt system, view our comprehensive parts catalogue or online product range and email or call us with your particular requirements. If we do not stock the part we will not hesitate to find it for you, as our goal is to ensure your business keeps operational.

  • Wide range of hot melt spare parts and equipment
  • Don’t know what part you need, call or email us now and with our expert knowledge we can solve your problem
  • All our products are quality made to ensure they will last 


by ensuring all service work is carried out strictly in accordance to the original manufacturer’s specifications.

Crafers Engineering Solutions

Custom Engineering Solutions That Guarantee Optimum Performance.


Fittings don’t fit or you need a custom made part that completes your build. Here at Crafers workshop we have the capability to design and custom machine any part you need. With our expert knowledge in fitting and turning, and years of experience in industrial applications we can ensure that your part is made to the highest degree of quality and precision. With our design team, we can 3D CAD model your custom part and adjust to your specs or redesign to optimize your part.

  • Custom made shaft, adapters and spacers etc
  • Boring and reaming of mining or civil structural of  galvanized nuts and couplers
  • Designed and machined to your specifications 


Precision fit, custom designed and machined to your specifications.

Engineering Solutions For All Applications

Our years of experience in multiple industries and mechanical applications, we are able to provide engineering solutions for mechanical applications – all solutions from small mechanical components to large fabrications, even to prototyping of products. Utilising our CNC machinery and CAD programs we are capable of designing solutions or products to your needs.

  • Experienced in multiple mechanical Industries and applications
  • 3D CAD Modeling and Designing
  • Fabrication, prototyping and Testing


Engineering solutions and products for your applications

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