These terms and conditions apply to all work we do for you. By signing and returning the whole quote, you agree to these terms and Price Changes.

The prices we quote are indicative only.

We will advise you of the final prices after we have fully assessed the scope of the work required to be carried out. If replacement parts are required, we will use our best endeavours to ensure that the costs of these replacement parts and materials are included in our final price. However, if the prices of these replacement parts or materials change, then we are entitled to pass on any increase to you.

Payment of Invoices

If you are an account customer, you must pay our invoices within 30 days of the end of the month. We will not issue any other statement.

If you want credit terms, you must ask for our agreement in writing before we do any work. We are not obliged to provide credit terms.

Non-account customers must pay our invoices as C.O.D.

Responsibility of Goods

You are responsible for your goods or equipment, whether or not they are in our possession. We will use our best endeavours to take reasonable care of any goods or equipment in our possession while we carry our work, however, we are not liable for any damages or loss caused except where we have been negligent.

Time for Delivery of Services

We will use our best endeavours to complete work in a timely fashion but we are not responsible for delays outside our control.

Hours of Work

Our normal working hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday. If you want us to do any work outside these hours, you must ask for our agreement in writing.

Our Liability

If we fail to provide the service or provide defective service or supply faulty replacement parts or materials, our total liability to you would be limited to:

  • Our choice of repairing, replacing or paying the cost of replacing the defective goods we supply.
  • Our choice of performing any defective service again, or paying the cost of having any defective service performed by someone else.

We will not be responsible for any indirect, incidental or consequential loss or damage associated with our supply of goods or services to you or the use of those goods by you.


You must allow us to test any goods or equipment we have provided or serviced as soon as possible after we have installed them and before you put them into normal operation.

We will not be liable for any loss or damage where you not have given us the opportunity to test the goods or equipment we have serviced or provided.

Site Facilities

Our quoted price depends on us having:

  • Free access to your premises to remove or install goods.
  • Free usage of 240 volt or 50 hertz AC power 10 amp current within six meters of where we are installing your equipment.
  • Ventilation, lighting, and toilet and wash facilities that meet Workplace Health and Safety Standards.
  • Reasonable unloading facilities and secure set down area for goods.
  • If any of these conditions are not met, we may increase our quote.

If you require us to fit parts that are held in your premises, you must ensure that we have access to where those parts are stores at all relevant times during our work.

Goods and Services Tax

Our prices do not include Goods and Services Tax (GST). If we are liable to account for GST for any work which we do on your behalf, then in addition to the price for the work, you must pay us for the GST component which we are liable to remit to the government.