IS-918 Melter


The IS Series Melter has been designed to meet with current production needs. Features like gear pump supply and accurate pressure control are normally found on Melters double our price.

The IS Series melter allows for independent control of both pressure and flow – an ideal combination for accurate adhesive control and stitching. Should the need arise for dual zone pressure and flow, the IS Series melter can be configured as a dual pump melter.


Overview of the hot melt adhesive IS-918 melter 18kg capacity and fitted with “IHS intelligent hotmelt system” control. When a constant flow of adhesive is required for an accurate long bead, stitching or applying adhesive on the vertical to the underside of the board, the IS918 Gear Pump Melter is the right melter for the job.

All metal and stainless steel construction the IS918 Melter is loaded with features at an affordable price. The heart of the IS918 is 6cc per revolution gear pump coupled to a 3 phase electric motor and controlled by a robust Tverter VFD. This allows for pump speeds between 5 to 50Hz.

Accurate and constant adhesive control is achieved by setting the speed of the pump. This will determine the volume of the adhesive at the nozzle. An independent adjustable pressure valve will determine the pressure of force of the adhesive at the nozzle.

Independent control of volume and pressure CANNOT be achieved using a piston pump.Constant pressure can be achieved by using a piston pump as the pump generates zero pressure at the top and bottom of the stroke.

The IHS (Intelligent Hotmelt System) will auto scan all programmed Zones. IHS control features no high voltage on the CPU board thus not being affected by electrical spikes. All electrical control of the heated zones are by way of individual solid state relay. This makes for in house servicing without need of changing the temperature set point of that Zone.

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