Drain Valve Assembly

The following information relates to The Pro Built Melters, The Nordson 3000 Series Melters with 14:1 and 21:1 pumps.

The Drain Valve Assembly:

Hot Adhesive Systems Contain Molten Glue Under Pressure. The drain valve releases this pressure to allow safe maintenance to be carried out on the unit

Operation of the drain valve MUST be checked daily. A FAULTY or BLOCKED drain valve can cause severe burns or death. The drain valve is an EXIT POINT, to drain loose char from the system.


The Correct operation of the Drain Valve is as follows:

  1. WEAR safety gloves
  2. WEAR safety eye-wear
  3. REDUCE pump air pressure to “0 PSI “
  4. OPEN drain valve over a suitable container. Unscrew in a counter clockwise direction.
  5. INCREASE the pump air pressure until a clean and steady flow of hot material flows from the drain valve.
  6. REMOVE pump air pressure and lock out air supply.
  7. LEAVE drain valve OPEN. The system is now at “0 “hydraulic pressure.
  8. After service work is completed, CLOSE drain valve in a clockwise direction.
  9. Slowly INCREASE air pressure and CHECK for leaks.


Replacement Drain valve Assembly

Part Number to suit both the Nordson and The Pro Built are as follows:

  • Drain Valve Assembly Part No: 276024
  •  Seals back up ring Part No: 105527



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