Daily Tank Filter Flush

Daily Tank Filter Flush

The following information relates to The Pro Built Melters, The Nordson 3000 Series Melters Robatech MPCS and Concepts Melters with 14:1 and 21:1 pumps.

Hot Adhesive Systems are equipped with a Tank Filter. The filter prevents contaminants and char from entering the hoses or the extrusion guns.

The Tank Filter MUST be cleaned daily. Exceptions are the Nordson Problue Series. A contaminated Tank Filter will cause in-line filter blockages, poor adhesive flow, blocked nozzles and production loss.

The Correct Daily Flush of the Tank Filter is as follows:


  1. WEAR safety gloves
  2. WEAR safety eye wear, clothing covering exposed skin & safety footwear
  3. REDUCE pump air pressure to “ 0 PSI “
  4. OPEN drain valve over a suitable container. Unscrew in a counter clockwise direction
  5. INCREASE pump air pressure until a clean and steady flow of hot material flows from the drain valve.
  6. DRAIN approximately 100 – 200ml or until drained adhesive flow is clean.
  7. REDUCE pump air pressure to “0 PSI “.
  8. After FILTER FLUSH is completed, CLOSE drain valve in a clockwise direction.
  9. Slowly INCREASE air pressure to operating pressure and CHECK for leaks.



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